Time Management – Procrastinate or Concentrate

March 3, 2015 in Business Tips, photography education, Photography Entrepreneurship, Time Management by admin

Time Management – Procrastinate or Concentrate

If you have been following my posts on time management and Rory Vaden’s work on the focus funnel, you are going to love the next step. If you have asked yourself, “can I eliminate this?”, “can I automate this?”, and “can I delegate this?”, and you haven’t been able to get the task handled, then you have finally found a task that is all yours to handle. Whew! I bet you thought I was going to have you give everything away didn’t you? Nope… there are some things that are yours to do.

If you have used the focus funnel well, then you have either eliminated or outsourced every task that is not significant to YOU. What do I mean by that? I mean that you were put here on this earth to do something important. There is something that only you can do… some impact that you are uniquely and perfectly qualified to create in the world. THAT thing is what will be significant for your life and your business. And… the tasks that lead to that impact are the ones that will provide the most fulfillment for you. Wow! It may be hard to imagine right now, if you are overwhelmed by all of the tasks on your to do list, but imagine for a moment what life would look like it you were only handling the significant tasks. If you were focusing solely on the things that will make a real difference. How would you feel? Would you feel happy, vibrant, alive and significant? I believe that’s how I would feel. And, that’s why I am using the focus funnel to restructure my thinking and my time management process. I can already feel more freedom and hope. I can already see a light at the end of the “to do” tunnel, as I shift my thinking away from the urgent and important things, and on to the significant ones.

So, once a task falls out the bottom of the funnel, and you are clear that it is a task that you must handle yourself, you now have a choice. You can get right to that task… which Rory Vaden calls concentrate… or you can do what you have probably told yourself for years and years that you should never do… Procrastinate (on purpose). Procrastinate has gotten a bad rap. But that is because it carries with it a piece of the definition that I am going to recommend you disregard. There are really two types of procrastination. The one that we most often think about is: putting off something for another time, that you know you should be doing now. That is the type of procrastination that we want to eliminate. If we KNOW that we should be doing something now, then we need to use concentrate to get it done. But… there is a second type of procrastination. Rory Vaden calls it procrastinate on purpose. This is when you put off a task until the last moment that it can be done. And, I don’t mean, AFTER the last moment… like when you pay your bill the day AFTER it is due. That is paying it LATE. I mean, paying your bill on the day it is due, and not before that. There are advantages to procrastinating on things that can wait. Mainly, because things change. Plans change, the market changes, people change their minds. And if you do things EARLY, then you may end up having to do that thing again later, after things have changed. I used to pay my bills early all the time. I was so paranoid that my bill would be late, and I would incur a late fee, that I made sure that as soon as I got my bill, I would go pay it. But after a while I realized that paying them early was silly. That was money that could be invested in something else in the meantime. Why would I want to give it to the electric company before it was due? I wouldn’t. And, you probably wouldn’t either.

So when a task drops through the focus funnel and you are given the option to concentrate (do it now) or procrastinate on purpose… you can ask yourself the question “can I put this off?”

Woo Hoo! What a freeing question. Just think of all the things you can remove from today’s to do list, just by putting them off. And, you know what I have found? A lot of those tasks end up taking care of themselves before I ever get to them.

Here is our Focus Funnel again:


What things can you add to your procrastinate on purpose list today?