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Photography Tips – Print Competition

Today’s photography tip is on entering print competition. Print Competition is a great place to get feedback on your photography in general, but it’s also a great way to improve your images along the way. What I mean is that there are several levels of print competition. In Austin, we have a local monthly print competition, an annual print competition, Kerrville, SWPPA’s print competition, and the International Print Competition. If you are strategic in entering, you can learn a lot along the way and give yourself the best chance at obtaining a merit at IPC… or even a loan print.

Local monthly competitions are a great place to try out new things… take chances and enter images where you are trying to expand your creativity. Maybe you are working on learning to paint… the monthly print competiton is a great place to take your first painted image to see how it fares. Then you can take comments that you receive to improve on that image. Once you have made adjustments, you can take that image to the next level… maybe the local annual competition or the state or regional. This gives you several chances to improve on your images before you enter them at IPC.

Check out my photography video for more …


Photography Business Tips – Just do the next right thing… that supports your brand

I just returned from a fabulous week at the Texas School of Professional Photography, one of the best learning experiences for professional photographers in the country… maybe even the world!

Today’s photography business tip is for all those photographers out there that attend conferences and classes from time to time. Imaging USA, SWPPA, The Summer Roundup, TPPA and The Texas School of Professional Photography are all on our list each year for attendance. We love attending photography seminars and conferences, but it can be hard sometimes to be away from our photography business for a week at at time. Things pile up… AND… there are always so many great ideas to implement when we get home that sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. Today’s photography business tip is to take it one step at a time. Focus on doing the next right thing for your business. Go through your notes from whatever class or conference that you attended and boil things down to the very most important things. Then consider your own brand. Does this tip that you learned match your brand. After all… what good is it to take all the time, energy and money necessary to implement a business strategy or tactic if it doesn’t fit with your brand.
After you have decided which things match your brand… pick the best one… and start with that. After you have the one in place, you can move the number two thing to implement.
Photography classes and conferences can be a HUGE wealth of information, but don’t let the overwhelm overload your plate. Even if you only implement ONE thing from what you learned… if it’s the RIGHT THING, then it could change your photography business forever!


How to start a photography business – Photography tips & Photography Business Tips – What makes you unique?

It’s really important to your business and your marketing plan that you know what it is about you and your photography that is unique in the marketplace. Do you have a particular photography style? Do you know how to make your photographs look better and different from the millions of photos that are taken everyday with cell phones by your clients? To compete in the market and to stand out from what your clients can create on their own is really the only way that you are going to be able to earn a good living as a professional photographer.


How to start a photography business – business & photography tips – Bert Benke – PPA Charities

Join me at SWPPA as Bert Benke talks about the wonderful work that Professional Photographers of America does through the PPA charities.


How to grow your photography business – photography and business tips – Darren Davis of Drive Savers

Join Darren Davis from Drivesavers while he discusses one of the worst things that can happen to a professional photographer.


Grow Your Photography Business – Photography Tips & Photography Business Tips -Mark McCall on Advice for new photographers

Mark McCall, President of Texas Professional Photographers Association of America talks about what new photographers ought to focus on when starting their photography business


Grow Your Photography Business – Randy Taylor – President of SWPPA – The state of the photography industry

Grow Your Photography Business – Randy Taylor – President of SWPPA – The state of the photography industry from Kate Caudillo on Vimeo.

Join me while Randy Taylor gives us his take on the state of the photography industry today and where he sees the trends moving.


Grow Your Photography Business – SWPPA Convention

Today we spent the whole day with Jim Cunningham learning fabulous Painter techniques for creating painted art pieces from our photographs. Tonight, here at SWPPA, Bert Behnke will be doing a presentation on posing groups, and Suzette Alllen will be doing hybrid imaging. It’s so hard to choose which classes to attend when we come to SWPPA, but tonight we are going to go see Bert’s class. If you have never seen Suzette Allen, she is also a fabulous presenter!
Stay tuned over the next few days for more from SWPPA.
By the way… make sure you watch the whole video or you will miss my camera man’s outtake at the end.


Grow Your Photography Business – Photography Tips & Photography Business Tips – SWPPA Print Competition

Grow Your Photography Business – Photography Tips & Photography Business Tips – SWPPA Print Competition from Kate Caudillo on Vimeo.

Print Competition started this morning @ 9 am here in Arlington, Texas for the Southwest Professional Photographers Association of America 2014 Convention. It was emotional for many photographers, as many of the prints fell just short of the 80 score needed for the prints to considered merit worthy. In this video I discuss some of the things to consider when entering print competition.


Start your photography business – photography tips and business tips – SWPPA Convention

One of the best things you can do to give your photography and your business a real jolt is to attend photography conventions. This week we are here at the Southwest Professional Photographers of America Convention happening in Arlington Texas. Join me while I enter print competition, attend classes and check out the awesome trade show.