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Grow Your Photography Business – Photography Tips & Photography Business Tips -Mark McCall on Advice for new photographers

Mark McCall, President of Texas Professional Photographers Association of America talks about what new photographers ought to focus on when starting their photography business


Grow Your Photography Business – SWPPA Convention

Today we spent the whole day with Jim Cunningham learning fabulous Painter techniques for creating painted art pieces from our photographs. Tonight, here at SWPPA, Bert Behnke will be doing a presentation on posing groups, and Suzette Alllen will be doing hybrid imaging. It’s so hard to choose which classes to attend when we come to SWPPA, but tonight we are going to go see Bert’s class. If you have never seen Suzette Allen, she is also a fabulous presenter!
Stay tuned over the next few days for more from SWPPA.
By the way… make sure you watch the whole video or you will miss my camera man’s outtake at the end.


Start your photography business – photography tips and business tips – SWPPA Convention

One of the best things you can do to give your photography and your business a real jolt is to attend photography conventions. This week we are here at the Southwest Professional Photographers of America Convention happening in Arlington Texas. Join me while I enter print competition, attend classes and check out the awesome trade show.


Start Your Photography Business – Photography Tips – Get feedback on your photography

One of the best ways to get good feedback on your work is to enter your photographs in print competitions. The Southwest Professional Photographers Association Regional Convention starts tomorrow in Arlington Texas, and we will be there. Both my husband and I will be entering our images into print competition, and we are excited to be able to bring you videos from the convention each.

So join us over the next 5 days for photography and business tips that we are learning at the SWPPA Convention.


Start Your Photography Business – Business Tips – Treat Your Photography Business Like a Business

I know it can be tempting to start taking photographs for clients before you ever set up a “real” business, but I don’t recommend it. There are lots of tax benefits and other benefits of running a photography business that you can take advantage of by simply registering your business name and getting a simple business license. In Texas, getting a business license is cheap… like $10 or $15. And setting up a business checking account is also very inexpensive. There’s no good reason not to set things up properly from the start.

If you plan to have a real photography business, then you need to treat it as such.


Start Your Photography Business – Photography Tips – How to photograph a group or family

Here are two quick tips for photographing families or groups of people.

1. Make sure you take depth of field into consideration. Download a free depth of field app to your phone and take it with you. Then, try to keep your subjects as close to the same focal plan as possible, and make sure you set your aperture deep enough to keep everyone in focus. Also, leave yourself a little extra wiggle room, because in a group of people it is likely that someone will move slightly, and you don’t want your depth of field so narrow that they fall out of focus if they do.

2. Use a tripod. The tripod will allow you to move about freely, keep your camera still and give you more options later on if you need to switch out a person or two to make the final image beautiful.


Start A Photography Business – Photography Tips & Business Tips – Don’t argue with Reality

Today Getty Images announced that they would release an embed tool that would allow non-commercial use of their images on web sites and blogs. This announcement has wide spread implications for image copyright legalities. While the ripple effects are yet unknown, one thing is for sure… photographers need to be aware of what is happening. Photographers need to be prepared to respond in ways that will help them continue to be successful in their businesses.
My tip for today is to not argue with the reality of the situation. The trends in imaging are what they are, and as individual photographers, we are not going to impact them. Rather than wasting time and energy complaining or arguing with the current state of affairs, I recommend you spend your time figuring out how you will respond to what is happening. How can you still succeed? What can you offer your clients that they cannot get for free or on their own? How can you still earn a good living… despite the challenging things that are happening in our industry?
These are the times that are going to separate the true pros from the pretenders. Our images are going to have to be noticeably different from amateur’s images or we will not survive.
How will you as a photographer respond? Please tell me in your comments below.


Start A Photography Business – Photography Tips – Family Portraits

Family portrait photography is one of the most lucrative forms of photography. There are several reasons for this. One is that the more people you add to an image, the smaller the people get, so it’s easier to sell larger portraits for the wall this way. Family portrait sessions also lend themselves nicely to breakdowns. After you have the family portrait “in the can” you can move on to other poses that will increase your ability to sell additional poses. With all these poses being photographed in basically the same place, whether it be on a particular background in the studio, or in a lovely outdoor location, you now have several images that can be displayed beautifully together in a wall grouping.
If you aren’t doing family p


Start Your Photography Business – Photography Business Tips – Your ideal Client


One of the first things you need to think about when designing the way your photography business is going to work is to create your customer avatar, or your description of your ideal client. As a photographer you are not going to be able to serve every type of client, and it’s critical that you narrow down your focus to those folks most appropriate to your type of photography business so that you can keep your marketing efforts streamlined. Start thinking about the type of people that you would like to serve. Do you want to work with emotional, passionate, creative type people who love art and will want to purchase large wall portraits, or do you want to attract more analytical, business type clients who will need to justify what they spend on photography? The type of client that you attract will have a significant impact on how you do your marketing. Emotional people will be attracted to very different types of marketing than will analytical types. And what you can charge for your work will vary greatly as well because of the differences in these people’s personalities. The brand you choose to portray and the position you choose in the market will also greatly impact who needs to be your ideal client.
If everything that I’m talking about is “old hat” to you, then you probably already have all of this figured out. Great job! It is going to help ensure your success. But, if you don’t, then you need to start really thinking about this.
If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below.
By the way… I apologize for not announcing the winner of last weeks coaching call. I got thrown off by the technical difficulties in moving my site, so please forgive me for being late.

The Winnner is…… Paula Brady! Yay!!!

Paula – you have won a 30 minute coaching session with me. 🙂 Please give me a call @ the office @ 512-997-7429 and I will get you set up for our call. Congratulations!