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Photography Web Site Tip – Include testimonials

To increase the impact of your images, it’s always much more effective to include testimonials with your photographs. While the photographs are important and necessary to your photography web site, testimonials are what is really going to connect your potential client emotionally to you. They don’t care as much about the fact that you can create a pretty photograph as they do about what is in it for them. What will they get out of the experience of working with you? That’s what they want to know, and that’s what testimonials provide… a glimpse into the experience of being photographed by you. And… as you already know… it’s the experience that is going to elevate your photography business above the commodity based photographers who are all competing on price.


Photography Tip – Only show your best images

Today’s photography tip is to always put your best foot forward by only showing your best work. Especially on your web site, it’s very important that the images you show are your very best. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Your potential clients don’t have hours to dig through hundreds of images on your web site. They just need to get a feel for your ability and your style. They need to be able to trust you. And if you are showing tons and tons of photographs, some great, and some not so great, then they will get the impression that you are inconsistent. If you only show them your very best photographs, they will get the sense that you know what you are doing, and they will trust that you can provide them with consistent quality. Keep your images up to date. Remove photographs that look like they were taken 20 years ago. Yes… it is a good thing to be able to show that you have 20 years of experience, but you don’t need to do that with big hair and parachute pants adorned senior photos that are going to turn off your potential client. You do want to show some variety, but make sure you limit it to your very best work.


Photography web site tip – It’s not about traffic it’s about conversions

Is your photography website converting? Do you even know what that means? In many businesses that have web sites, a conversion is simply a sale on the site. Traffic comes in, and the conversion percentage is the number of those people who actually buy a product on the site. But when you are a photographer, a conversion is not so impersonal. Your photography web site needs to effectively convince your visitor to contact you… hopefully by phone, because this is your best chance to book their photography session. And traffic does you no good at all if nobody is doing that. A lot of photographers have really pretty web sites that are completely ineffective. Their photographs are nice, but there are components missing that keep visitors from picking up the phone.
Does your photography web site convert? And, are the people that call you the target market you are going after? If not… you may need to re-vamp your photography web site a bit.
Tell me what your biggest challenge is with creating an effective web site. What questions do you have about your photography web site. Then… on Friday I will announce the winner of a one on one web site analysis for the best comment and/or question.