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Photogenesis 2015

I am just now catching up from my trip to SanMarcos, Texas to attend and speak at Photogenesis 2015. 2014 was my year to start this blog, and begin connecting with photographers and photography entrepreneurs around the world. And now… 2015 is my year to start speaking. Photogenesis was a great place to get my feet wet, since they needed speakers for walkup workshops. I did my 2015 Success Roadmap class, and it was so fun! There were several other walkup workshops happening simultaneously at Photogenesis, so I didn’t have a ton of people. But that was ok with me ’cause I had more time to spend with each photographer personally. If you were able to attend Photogenesis and see my class, thanks for attending! It’s wonderful to have attentive excited photographers listening to grab a bit of inspiration. If you weren’t able to be there… never fear. While getting your 2015 plan done in January is always ideal… February is a great time to put new systems in place as well. And I am going to videotape my presentation from Photogenesis (obviously I won’t actually BE at Photogenesis, but it will be that presentation) and put it up here on my blog. Anyone who wasn’t able to attend will have the opportunity to get a plan into action for 2015, and if you were lucky enough to have joined me, and hundreds of other photographers, at Photogenesis 2015, then you can watch the video and get a refresher.

This video will be packed with the big picture for your business for the year. This is the best place to start from… what you want your business to be, do and stand for. And it will get down to the details of your strategies and tactics for creating your vision in the real world. It’s going to be exciting, so stay tuned.

Happy New Year everybody!


Photopreneur Coaching Facebook Page

Hey everybody! I have just created a new Facebook Page for my coaching business. If you have received any value from my blog, I would be ever so grateful if you would LIKE my page. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance!!!





Photography Business Tips – Get A Coach!

If you are struggling with anything in your business or your life, a great way to power through it is to get a coach. Nobody in sports would ever consider going it alone, and in the photography business, you shouldn’t either. Building a photography business requires a lot of skills, many of which you won’t have when you first start out, and you will be much better served by having a mentor or a coach than you will by trying to figure everything out yourself.

What’s your biggest challenge right now in your business or your life? What are you struggling with?

I will be choosing one person’s comment from the comments on this post in the next 72 hours to give out a free 30 minute coaching session with me… One On One to help make a difference in the area you are having the biggest challenge right now. So… What can I help you with… photography?… business?… organization?