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Photography Business Tip – Set An Intention

Today’s tip is to set an intention.

Goals Vs Intentions:

I talk a lot about goal setting in my posts and videos. That’s because I believe setting goals is really important, but it’s not the most important thing. Goals are very business oriented. They can help you focus and visualize an outcome that can keep you operating profitably. That’s because goals are specific and measurable. They are all about time frames and dollar amounts. So, from a profit and loss perspective, goals are necessary. But, they are not always the best way to get the outcome you are striving for. Especially if you have a tendency to attack challenges head on.

Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say you have a goal for a $2000 sales average in your studio. Coming from this place can have some unintended outcomes. With this goal foremost in your mind, you might come on a little strong. You might end up being veiwed as pushy or aggressive. And this could serve to alienate your clients. The energy that you exude when attempting to “sell” someone is much different from the energy you put forth when you are, let’s say, building a friendship. In a friendship, your “goal” is not to sell them, it is to relate, to communicate, to share and to experience growth and meaning together.

This is where using an intention can come to the rescue. I’m not suggesting that you remove your goals. But if you can add an intention to your sales presentation, that super cedes any other goal that you might have, then you can add a human element, a relationship element, that will be much better for your overall outcome. For example, if you add the intention that your client be well served in the sale… that they are thrilled with the portraits they choose… and that they leave your studio feeling like they just made the best decision of their lives, with portraits they will treasure for a lifetime… don’t you think that you will act differently in that sale? When your focus shifts from what you want ($2000) to what they want (thrilled with purchase) you will be able to ask the right questions and assist them in choosing the best items for them. If you intend them to leave thrilled… then you have a much better chance of them doing so. As for that $2000 sale… believe it or not, you have a much better chance of obtaining it this way than you did pushing them into it. And a much better chance that they will tell their friends about how great you are.

Intentions can be life savers. Difficult conversations, when begun with a positive intention, will flow much more smoothly. When your focus stays off of getting things your way, and shifts to the health, happiness and benefits for the other person… Magic Happens!


Photography Business Tip – Get a support team with outsourcing

Creating a great support team is not only about hiring employees. As a matter of fact, unless you really have the volume for employees, I don’t recommend you hire any at all until you have to. Employees bring with them their own set of business challenges, and there are lots of ways to get some of the less fun and more detail heavy items handled without ever having to hire an employee at all. Nowadays, many of your photography business details can be handled online. Companies like Fiverr  and Retouchup can be great resources for outsourcing things you may not like to do or don’t have time to handle in your photography business. The truth is that, as the business owner, you shouldn’t be handling things like retouching images or copyrighting (that’s writing copy… not image protection)… things that you can outsource online. You should be focusing on creating your photography, growing your photography business, and serving your clients. Outsourcing can be an inexpensive way to get some of your time and life back. Make a list of all of the things that you could turn over to someone else, and then start with the thing you hate doing the most. Maybe that’s getting a virtual bookkeeper. Trust me… it will be well worth setting some of these systems up, and it will make growing your photography business a lot less painful.

If you want to read a great book on this Timothy Ferris’ book The Four Hour Work Week is a great read!


Photography Business Tips – Take a comedy break now and then

Today’s photography business tip is to take a comedy break every now and then. Now, I’m not suggesting you spend all day on Facebook, as seems to be the trend nowadays, but it’s also important not to be so serious all of the time. Make sure you take out some time to laugh. Laugh at yourself, and laugh at the things that strike you as funny. Laughter is incredibly good for your health and your mental attitude.

Here is the one that made me laugh today. I thought I would share it with you.



Photography Business Tip – Know your client’s personality type

Today’s photography business tip is to know your client. Most photographers think of this from the perspective of demographics and psychographics, but today I want to talk to you about personality types. I came across this great article in the PPA magazine today, written by Cris and Deanna Duncan on personality types. It covers some of the hidden psychological aspects of photography sales. Over the years I have read and listened to different people’s take on personality types, but I haven’t heard it applied to photography and selling as well as it was in this article. Different personality types will respond very differently to a sales situation, and if you approach someone from the wrong direction, you can create a very uncomfortable situation for you and your client. If you can get good at recognizing the personality type of your client and then work within the most effective ways to communicate with them, your clients will have a much better experience, and that will translate to higher sales. Let me be clear… I am not talking about using someone’s personality against them to “trick” them into getting something they do not really want. What I am suggesting is that people buy from people they like and from people they feel are like them. If you can get good at adjusting your communication so that your client feels more comfortable, then you will remove what can sometimes get in the way of them purchasing something that they really do want… you can keep them from feeling like something is “off”.

Here  is the link to the article. Be sure to check it out!



Photography Entrepreneur Blog # 29 – Sales Goal Formula

Here is the Sales Goal Formula : # of sessions x Sales Average = Gross Sales

Then Multiply the Gross Sales by .25 to get the Cost Of Sales

Multiply the Gross Sales by .30 to get the Overhead Costs

Then take your Gross Sales and subtract Cost of Sales and Overhead to get what you will make for the year.

For a shortcut to getting these numbers, you can go to , but you have to be a PPA member to access the formula. If you are a Pro Photographer and you aren’t a member already… JOIN. You need to be a member of PPA!


Photography Business Tip – Be Flexible

Today’s photography business tip is to be flexible. Sometimes things just go wrong, and you have to be prepared to be flexible when they do. Kate shares how flexibility saved her when she was training for a marathon.

Share with me a time when you needed to be flexible with your goals or plans.


Photography Business Tip – Stay Motivated

Today’s photography business tip is on how to stay motivated. Staying motivated to reach your goals can be a challenge. Today, Kate talks about reminding yourself that it always takes a lot of extra energy at the begining to get something going.


Photography Business Tip – Choose three words to live by for 2014

Today’s photography business tip is to choose three words to live by for 2014.


Photography Business Tip – Shift Your Focus

Today’s photography business tip is to shift your focus. Kate talks about shifting focus from the problem to creating what you want for your outcome.


Photography Business Tip – Let go of bad habits

Today’s photography business tip is to let go of bad habits. Kate talks about replacing bad habits with things that you will enjoy to make letting go of your current habits easier.