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Unique photography business factors to help your photography business stand out

What are your unique photography business factors? What are the things that you do that are different from other photographers in your area? To be able to connect with your potential clients you need to have a way to get past the “how much is an 8×10” question, and knowing what makes you and your photography business unique is a great way to do that. Ask questions, listen, and then explain to the potential client why it is that you are the best choice to fill their needs.
One great way to stand out from the other photographers in your area is to offer unique products and services. We have chosen to offer hand-painted wall portraits to our clients. There are very few photographers in our area… or really any area, that offer this type of service. It requires both technical knowledge as a skilled photographer as well as skills in painting. You also need to have a great lab that can print your images and hand paint them. When you offer something like this to your clients, you have eliminated most of your competition, since very few photographers are willing or able to offer it. You have placed yourself in a position as an artist, as well as a photographer in the minds of your potential clients. And you have positioned yourself in such a way as to be able to charge a higher price, because of the huge value you have added.
If you are interested in getting training in Painter, there are lots of ways to do so. You can take a painter class, from someone like Jim Cunningham (one of our favorites). Or you can even hire someone to train you one on one. That is what we just did. We trained with Kimberly Smith in Muskogee Oklahoma. We learned more about painting portraits in the four hours with her than we have in all of the other classes we took combined. One on one is a great way to go if you can afford it. But classes are great too, if money is a big factor for you. Jim’s class was awesome!

Here are links to Jim and Kimberly if you have any interest in getting trained to paint portraits. (We have no financial interest in either of them… we just think they are fabulous!)


Jim Cunningham –

Little Rock, AR


[email protected]


Kimberly Smith –

Muskogee, OK

[email protected]



If you need a lab that can hand print and hand-paint your portraits, Mid South is your best choice. They are the lab we use, and the lab that everyone we know recommends for this type of work.


Grow Your Photography Business – SWPPA Convention

Today we spent the whole day with Jim Cunningham learning fabulous Painter techniques for creating painted art pieces from our photographs. Tonight, here at SWPPA, Bert Behnke will be doing a presentation on posing groups, and Suzette Alllen will be doing hybrid imaging. It’s so hard to choose which classes to attend when we come to SWPPA, but tonight we are going to go see Bert’s class. If you have never seen Suzette Allen, she is also a fabulous presenter!
Stay tuned over the next few days for more from SWPPA.
By the way… make sure you watch the whole video or you will miss my camera man’s outtake at the end.