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Photography Business Tips – Your Marketing Rocks!

When creating a marketing plan for your photography business it is easy to get overwhelmed. After all there are all kinds of ways to market your business, but there are only so many hours in the day. I like to think about marketing from the perspective of rocks in a jar. When you are filling your jar (creating your marketing plan) you need to start with the rocks. The rocks are the big and important things, the ones that bring you the highest return on your investment. And rocks are different for different types of photography brands, so you really need to think this through before you start. It’s important that you fill your plan with the rocks that align with your photography brand, so that you can get the most bang for your buck. For us, a rock would be partnering with other like minded businesses who share the same clientele.
After you have put all the rocks into your plan, it’s time to add some pebbles. These items a less important than the rocks, but still important, and since you put the rocks into the jar first, you still have a little room in there for some pebbles. Think about what your photography marketing pebbles are. Maybe for you they are blogging, or going to networking events.
After all of the pebbles are in place you can move on to the sand. These are even less impactful to your bottom line, so you don’t spend a lot of time on them. What is the sand in your photography marketing plan? Social media possibly? For us, social media falls to the last category… the water. You see, even after you have put all the sand you can into the jar with your marketing rocks and marketing pebbles, there is still a little room left for some water. Think about what is a water marketing item for you and your photography business?
You see… with limited resources of money, time and energy, you really need to be strategic about your marketing plan. If you put the water in first… all of those little things that make little difference to your clients or your bottom line, then you simply won’t have any room left for the rocks, the pebbles and the sand. And, it’s really the rocks that make the difference!
Happy Marketing!


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How to start a photography business – Photography tips & Photography Business Tips – What makes you unique?

It’s really important to your business and your marketing plan that you know what it is about you and your photography that is unique in the marketplace. Do you have a particular photography style? Do you know how to make your photographs look better and different from the millions of photos that are taken everyday with cell phones by your clients? To compete in the market and to stand out from what your clients can create on their own is really the only way that you are going to be able to earn a good living as a professional photographer.


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How to start a Photography Business – Business Tips – Get A Team

Running a photography business on your own is only possible for a short time. If you want to be able to grow and thrive in your photography business you need to start bringing on other people to help you… in other words… Get A Team. As soon as you have the money to do so, start replacing some of the tasks you currently do with someone else. You will be much happier having more time to focus on photography and growing your business than on the tiny little details that go into operating one.


Photography Business Tips – Photographing portraits in the middle of the day

You probably already know that taking portraits i the middle of the day is not the best idea. The overhead sunlight creates “raccoon eyes” on your subjects that is less than flattering. If you can possibly avoid photographing in the middle of the day I highly recommend you do so, but if you are unable to schedule a session for late afternoon or early morning, when the lighting is much more pleasing, then here are a few suggestions for obtaining better results.

1. Photograph your subjects in open shade.
2. Use a flash or other auxiliary lighting and balance it with the daylight.
3. Use a reflector to fill in the shadows.

As I said before… if you can possibly avoid photographing at mid-day… this is going to be your best option.