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Photography Tips – Understand Exposure and White Balance

To maintain consistency in your images for your photography business, it is critical that you understand proper exposure and white balance, and how to obtain them in your camera. In this photography tips video I show you a couple of tools that we use to get proper exposure and white balance. You don’t need to get these specific tools, although the X-Rite Color Checker and the target/reflector we use are great ones to choose, you do need to have a plan and a system for how you will consistently get good exposure and white balance in your images.


How to grow your photography business – Business Tip – Limit your client’s image selections

One of the best ways to speed up the photography ordering appointment and reduce overwhelm for your portrait client is to reduce the number of images that you show your client. If you want to be able to grow your photography business, year after year, and have it be profitable and contribute significantly to your clients… this is a MUST!

We try to keep the selections to only 1-3 images per pose. While this may seem like a disservice to your client at first, you need to realize that limiting a person’s selections actually increases their enjoyment and ability to make decisions. There was a study done with flavors of jelly where a large number of selections were made available to the shoppers… let’s say somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 different flavors. Then they reduced the number to just four flavors. When they did this, sales skyrocketed. Your photography clients will be much more likely to purchase and to purchase larger wall portraits if their choices are limited. If they see hundreds of images, they will never be able to choose, and you are going to end up losing that sale. Not to mention, that you client is going to lose out too. They came to you as a photographer to photograph their family and provide them with beautiful images that they will treasure. But if they can’t make a decision, they will not get their needs met.

It seems counterintuitive, but it’s really true… the less choices you give them, the happier your photography clients are going to be in the end… and so will you!


How to succeed in the photography business – Photography Tips – Set Your Studio Policies

Today’s photography tip is to set your studio policies. You not only need studio policies for your photography business, you also need to go over them with your clients and have them sign them. These studio policies are there to protect you and your clients. The more information your photography clients have up front, the more comfortable they are going to be, and the smoother the entire process is going to go.

If you need help with studio policies, you can contact PPA, or ask for help on PPA’s forum… The Loop.