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Handle your photography business stuff first

Today’s photography tip is to make sure your have your business stuff handled first. Working on your art and your photography is great, but it can’t be your first priority if you want to stay in business. You have to focus most of your energy on getting your photography business systems in place… your marketing, sales, reporting, legal, and financial matters. You need to have your workflow setup properly. You need your pricing to reflect a cost of goods that will leave you with enough profit to stay in business. If you don’t… you aren’t going to make it in today’s photography industry. There is simply too much competition, and there is less demand for professional photographic services. If you have great systems in place to attract clients, create beautiful images for them and sell them profitable packages your business will have a much higher chance of success.


Photography Tip – Shake things up a bit

Today’s photography tip is to shake things up… but not too much. The good thing about having a system for how you do your sessions is that you get consistent results. The bad thing is that you can get into a rut, where all of your photographs start to look the same. So I recommend you shake things up in your photography sessions a bit. But don’t go crazy. You still need to do most of the things you do on a regular basis, but then… at the end of the portrait session… throw in something new. Tell you client that you are thinking of trying something, and ask permission to experiment. Your photography client will not only see that you are trying to grow, but also that you are committed to being creative. Plus they will get an image that they never would have gotten… something unlike anything you have done before. And that’s really why we are photographers… isn’t it?


Photography Business Tips – Think of your photography business like a tree

Today’s photography Business Tip is to think of your photography business like a tree.

Trees take a long time to grow. They require water, soil, fertilizer and time. And your photography business is like that too. Many of the most important things you do in your business are things that are simply going to take discipline and time. Your marketing, for instance, is something you need to be doing every day. You need a long-term plan for attracting and keeping clients happy, and it’s something that needs to be attended to … like a tree. You aren’t going to get a mature, flowering, fruit bearing tree immediately upon planting it, and you aren’t going to get a successful business right out of the gate either. But if you can be diligent, disciplined and patient, you can grow a successful photography business.

And, remember, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago…

but the second best time is Today! – Chinese Proverb


Grow your photography business – Photography Business Tips – Keep an open mind

Today’s photography business tip is to keep an open mind.

One of the quickest ways to infuse your photography business with new energy and passion is to keep your eyes open to what is going on around you, not only in the photography industry, but in other industries as well. How are businesses finding the right clients? How are they marketing to those clients? Especially if you have been in photography for a long time, it can be easy to become rigid in your thinking about what works and what doesn’t. But if you can be open to new ideas, and test them out, you might find some really great new ways to grow your photography business and increase it’s success.


Grow your photography business – Photography Tips – Create a Packing List

Today’s photography tip is to create a packing list for your onsite events and portrait sessions.

If all your camera equipment fits into one bag, this is not as important as if you have a lot of different equipment options for photography. In our business, we do events, weddings, and portraits sessions on location. Each of these require different lighting, cameras, media cards, backgrounds etc. So we have a list. It’s a list of every piece of equipment we use… lights, flashes, lenses, camera bodies, backgrounds, batteries, props…. everything. Then, when we are prepping for our session or event, we can easily go through the list and circle everything we are going to need. As the items are loaded into the vehicle, we check each one off.
You do not want to be driving three hours to photograph a wedding wondering if you remembered to pack everything. The more organized you are during your prep, the less stress you will have, so plan ahead.


How to grow your photography business – Photography & Marketing Tips – Work with Non-Profits

A great way to get your company’s name out in the community while you contribute and make a difference is through working with non profit organizations. Both local non-profits and national and international non-profits are great opportunities to align your photography business with ¬†great causes that contribute to your community and the world. It’s rare that a photography marketing campaign can be such a win win for everyone involved, but when partnering your photography business with local and national non-profits…. that’s exactly what you create.


Grow your photography business – Photography & Business Tips – Do that things you have been putting off

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. It’s always easier in business to find things to do that you enjoy than to do those things that you know you should be doing. That’s just human nature. But, in your photography business, you have got to discipline yourself to do the things you know you need to do in order to succeed. If you don’t, your photography business is going to continue to produce the results that it always has. Now… if your photography business is bringing you everything that you ever wanted it to… that GREAT! Keep doing what you’re doing. But if it isn’t… get to that thing you know you’ve been putting off, and create a block of time to get it done… and DO IT!


Grow your photography business – Photography & Business Tips – Always Have A Contract

Contracts, or as we like to call them, agreements are critical to your photography business. As a photographer, there are many things that a client might want or expect that you either cannot or will not be able to provide for them. Having an agreement, or contract, will help spell out who is responsible for what in the business relationship… avoiding misunderstandings and hurt feelings later on.
Additionally, PPA, the Professional Photographers of America, provide something called indemnification, which basically means that if you get sued… they will help you. If you are not already a member of PPA, this is a must have if you are going to be photographing clients. Membership to PPA is not expensive, and it can really save you in some situations that could cost you your entire photography business.