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Take care of yourself first & your photography business second

Running a photography business can be really overwhelming, and it can easily take over your entire life if you are not careful. So it’s really important to schedule time for yourself and not just for your business. What are the things that you know you need to stay healthy and focused? Do you need exercise and good foods? Do you need to take a break two or three times a day to walk out in the fresh air and sunshine? Maybe you need meditation breaks. Whatever it is that you need to stay healthy, you need to make sure that you make time for that. If you don’t your photography business will take over that time, and eventually you will be sick, tired and unable to run your photography business effectively.


Photography Entrepreneur Blog #20 – Form First Intensity Second

Kate talks about focusing first on your form and then on ramping up your intensity.


Photography Business Tip – Let go of bad habits

Today’s photography business tip is to let go of bad habits. Kate talks about replacing bad habits with things that you will enjoy to make letting go of your current habits easier.