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Photography Entrepreneur Blog # 24 – Focus on The Outcome

In photography and in business you will get much better results when you focus on the outcome that you are trying to create. Stephen Covey, in his book , 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about beginning with the end in mind, and that’s what focusing on the outcome is all about.

What are your goals for 2014 that you are going to focus on? Please share in the comments area.


Photography Entrepreneur Blog #23: Cost of Goods

If you run a home-based studio, your cost of goods should be 25% or less. If you have a commercial space, you should be “shooting for” 30% or less. That means that, if you charge $100 for an 8×10, it should cost you less than $25 to edit, order, pay the lab, check in the print, pay to package it up, and deliver it to your client ($30 or less for a commercial space).
This may mean that you need to raise your prices to become profitable. So, go through your price list and compare what you are charging to how much it costs you to provide that product, and you will get some really great direction for how much to charge.


Photography Entrepreneur Blog # 21 – The 3 Lists

Kate talks about separating out your to do list into three lists to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.


Photography Entrepreneur Blog #20 – Form First Intensity Second

Kate talks about focusing first on your form and then on ramping up your intensity.