Positioning your photography business- Avoid becoming a commodity

June 4, 2014 in Business Tips, How to start a photography business, Photography Marketing Tips by admin

Positioning your photography business can be a challenge, especially in the competitive environment of professional photography today. With so many photographers to choose from, potential customers can get overwhelmed and can end up choosing a photographer on price alone. This is not a win for the photographer or for the client. But potential clients may not know anything else to ask about except for the price, so you need to have a strategy for positioning yourself and your business in a way that keeps them from viewing your business as a commodity. One great way to do that is to position yourself as an expert. If you are positioned in your market and your community as the photography expert, then people who are looking for a photographer will have another reason to choose you… one that isn’t tied to price. Because you can’t compete on price these days. There are too many photographers out there that are willing to give their photography away for next to nothing… or even nothing at all. And you can’t run a profitable photography business that way. So get out there and speak, join photography organizations and earn degrees through PPA. Give your potential clients a taste of who you are and what you can do for them, and avoid doing the things that will place you into the price only or commodity category.