Photography Business Tips – Consider the source when searching out photography education

May 9, 2014 in Business Tips, How to start a photography business, photography education, Photography Entrepreneurship, Photography Marketing Tips, Photography Tips by admin

Your photography business is unique. It’s not going to be exactly like anyone else’s. Even if you purchase a franchise, there is always going to be one hugely unique factor, and that’s YOU. I am constantly advocating education, and photography education, even for long-term pros, is a must. But it is also easy to become overwhelmed and confused when attending seminars and classes on photography. And that is because everybody’s business is different. Every photographer has a different brand, and different philosophies for running their photography business. So there is seemingly a lot of conflicting information out there.

What is really important is that you seek out the education that will be most relevant to your type of photography and your brand. The best tips you are going to get are those that you get from folks doing work similar to yours, with similar photography clients and a similar philosophy. In the past, we took classes from folks who photographed schools and events, because that was the type of photography we focused on. But now that we have a portrait studio, we need to learn from a different type of photographer. It’s not that either of our teachers was better than the other… they were just more relevant to us at the time.
Focus is so key, when running a photography business, so do what you can to focus your marketing to your ideal client, and your education to your ideal business model.