December 9, 2015 in Uncategorized by admin

Checking out Periscope.

If you are a long time follower of mine you have probably been wondering where I have been for the past few months. Well… that’s actually a long story, and not one I can get into on this blog today. But, I promise to fill you all in soon.

Today I want to let you know that I am experimenting with Periscope. I say experimenting because I haven’t quite figured out exactly what I want to do with this relatively new platform. But, I can tell you that the possibilities are quite limitless. From an education, entertainment and marketing perspective, Periscope is really amazing!

I have only done a few broadcasts on Periscope so far, but I am planning to start doing them regularly. I think that the live interaction you get with Periscope makes it head and shoulders above other ways to market your business and grow your following. If you haven’t checked Periscope out yet, you need to. It could be a key component of your businesses future success. I’m not going to write a lot about how to use Periscope today. There are tons of great articles online already to help you familiarize yourself with the app, so just “Google it”.

For today, I want you to know my Periscope Handle so that you can follow my broadcasts if you wish. To get Periscope you need to download the app onto your smartphone. Then, create your account, and you’re all set. You can start following people. Each time you add a person to follow, you will get notified on your phone when that person does a live broadcast. It’s pretty frickin cool!

My ID is KatieAmber @KatieAmberPhoto. I hope to do a live broadcast at my event tonight, so check it out if you can.