Grow your photography business – Photography Tips – Create a Packing List

April 2, 2014 in How to start a photography business, Photography Entrepreneurship, Photography Tips, Photography Workflow by admin

Today’s photography tip is to create a packing list for your onsite events and portrait sessions.

If all your camera equipment fits into one bag, this is not as important as if you have a lot of different equipment options for photography. In our business, we do events, weddings, and portraits sessions on location. Each of these require different lighting, cameras, media cards, backgrounds etc. So we have a list. It’s a list of every piece of equipment we use… lights, flashes, lenses, camera bodies, backgrounds, batteries, props…. everything. Then, when we are prepping for our session or event, we can easily go through the list and circle everything we are going to need. As the items are loaded into the vehicle, we check each one off.
You do not want to be driving three hours to photograph a wedding wondering if you remembered to pack everything. The more organized you are during your prep, the less stress you will have, so plan ahead.