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Miracle Morning – Day 33

July 22, 2015 in Business Tips, Exercise, Goal Setting by admin

So I completed my 30 day miracle morning project a couple of days ago.  Wow! What a ride! The fact is that I have had a morning routine for several years now, so I wasn’t sure that miracle mornings would be much different. But I was wrong! I didn’t realize how much of an impact some of the things I hadn’t been doing would have on me. I have been in the habit of exercising, drinking a healthy protein shake, filling out my Daily Action Items worksheet and working out my mind on for some time now. But the journaling, meditating, visualizing and reading were new. And… they turned out to be… well, I hate to say it… but “miraculous”. There’s something amazing about writing down your experiences that can make you see things you have been missing… big things. Especially when you are a driven person like I am. I am typically moving a bit too fast… constantly. So slowing down to record my thoughts and feelings on paper has really had an impact on me. Journaling every morning, in the quiet, with no one else around, and the space to really get in touch with my own center has helped me see patterns in my life that are not longer serving me. And, as I continue to observe, without judgement, insights are coming to assist me in making changes for the better. While I am still quite new at this… at least that’s what I am finding.

So, I have decided to keep my miracle morning routine. But I have altered it slightly from the routine suggested in the book. (Actually the book recommends you modify it to suit your needs and goals).

Here it is: I have listed time frames rather than exact amounts to keep myself from being too perfectionistic or critical, and to keep it fun.

3-5 minutes: read today’s day in the daily meditation book

5-20 minutes: journal my thoughts on that meditation, or just on what I am thinking and feeling in the moment about my life

3-5 minutes: read aloud my affirmations

2-3 minutes: visualize my major goals as realized using all my senses to “lock” in the memory of it having been accomplished

5 minutes: read 10 pages in a book that is designed to assist me in the attainment of my goals

5-15 minutes: daily practice

30 minutes: workout

3-5 minutes: make and drink a high protein, low carb healthy shake

3-5 minutes: fill out my daily action planner for the day

As you can see, this routine will take me between an hour and an hour and a half. And, to be realistic, I will probably need to split it up between before, and after, taking the kids to school. I may modify it along the way. Especially when I need to travel for work. But I have come to realize that having a set routine to keep myself balanced, grounded and healthy is more important than just about anything else I will do during the day. I can’t make a big impact in the world if I am not healthy… and neither can you. So, maybe you’d like to try the 30 day miracle morning challenge yourself. I guarantee you will find it very beneficial if you do. 🙂

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