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How to start a Photography Business – Business Tips – Get A Team

Running a photography business on your own is only possible for a short time. If you want to be able to grow and thrive in your photography business you need to start bringing on other people to help you… in other words… Get A Team. As soon as you have the money to do so, start replacing some of the tasks you currently do with someone else. You will be much happier having more time to focus on photography and growing your business than on the tiny little details that go into operating one.


Photography Business Tips – Photographing portraits in the middle of the day

You probably already know that taking portraits i the middle of the day is not the best idea. The overhead sunlight creates “raccoon eyes” on your subjects that is less than flattering. If you can possibly avoid photographing in the middle of the day I highly recommend you do so, but if you are unable to schedule a session for late afternoon or early morning, when the lighting is much more pleasing, then here are a few suggestions for obtaining better results.

1. Photograph your subjects in open shade.
2. Use a flash or other auxiliary lighting and balance it with the daylight.
3. Use a reflector to fill in the shadows.

As I said before… if you can possibly avoid photographing at mid-day… this is going to be your best option.


Kate’s Blog is Moving!

Hey everybody! I just want to give you all a heads up that we will be moving my blog this weekend. The site doesn’t have all of the features I want to be able to provide you with great content and other cool stuff.

So… here’s the deal. My blog will be at the same address, starting on Monday March 3rd. The site will stay at the current location for this weekend, but I will not be posting my Saturday video, and I will be taking Sunday off as usual. This will give us two days to migrate the site over without losing anything. On Monday, you will see a brand new site. Yay!!!

The most important thing I need to tell you is that if you are currently “following” my blog, you will need to subscribe again on Monday, or you will no longer get notices when I post new videos. There will be a subscription area on the right side of the blog where you can easily sign up.

Okie Dokie. That’s all for now. I will do videos Thursday and Friday as usual, and I will see you all again on Monday!

Have a great weekend!


Photography Business Tips – Failing your way to Success

While most people view failure as a negative in their lives or their businesses, failure is actually just a stepping stone to future success. As a wise man once said “there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames”. What he meant by that is that, for the most part, anything that you want to accomplish is possible… you just have to keep going and never quit. Often people will quit when things get difficult, but if you can hang in there through the temporary failures, your success is almost assured.


Photography Business Tips – Confidence & Competence

One of the best ways to improve your business is to do things that will increase your confidence level. Your level of confidence is directly related to your level of competence… unless you are a sociopath. So if you want to increase your confidence level, you need to increase your competence. If you aren’t comfortable with sales, then you need to learn. If you aren’t comfortable with your photography skills, then you need to take a class. And, whatever skills you are trying to develop and master… you need to practice… practice, practice, practice. But don’t practice on your clients.


Photography Business Tips – Get A Coach!

If you are struggling with anything in your business or your life, a great way to power through it is to get a coach. Nobody in sports would ever consider going it alone, and in the photography business, you shouldn’t either. Building a photography business requires a lot of skills, many of which you won’t have when you first start out, and you will be much better served by having a mentor or a coach than you will by trying to figure everything out yourself.

What’s your biggest challenge right now in your business or your life? What are you struggling with?

I will be choosing one person’s comment from the comments on this post in the next 72 hours to give out a free 30 minute coaching session with me… One On One to help make a difference in the area you are having the biggest challenge right now. So… What can I help you with… photography?… business?… organization?


Photography & Business Tips – Bonus Print Competition Tips

I have two bonus print competition tips for you today.

1. Once you understand the “rules” of photography, it’s time to break them. Find creative ways to break common portrait and photography rules, but break them in a way that has impact or makes a statement.

2. The name of you print is important in print competition. It is way more important than you might think. You need to give your print a name that will add impact, drama, story or intrigue to your image. The better your name, the more impact it will have on your score. Of course if you have a terrible print, the name isn’t going to save it, but it your photograph is really good, then a great name will really help elevate it to the next level.


Photography Business Tips – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Urgent & Important Quadrants


Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has a great time management tool that places items in quadrants based on whether they are important or not and urgent or not. Moving what you focus on in your life and work from items that fall into Quadrants 2 & 4 into quadrant 3, can has a significant impact on your effectiveness and your quality of life.


Models Wanted – Austin Texas Photography

Models Wanted - Austin Texas Photography

We are offering model sessions at Caudillo Studios to fill our walls with gorgeous new artwork. If you live in Austin Texas and are interested, just follow the link for more info.


HGTV’s Salvage Dawgs CEO Mike Whiteside

Hear  HGTV’s “Salvage Dawgs” CEO Mike Whiteside online 11:45 CST Feb. 24 


Spend your lunch learning more about growing a business from Mike Whiteside, CEO of Black Dog Salvage and star of HGTV/DIY’s “Salvage Dawgs”, on Monday, Feb. 24 at 11:45AM CST. No charge.


Whiteside and his partner Robert Kulp have built a national business and media presence and know about growing pains. If you’re an artist, designer, builder, decorator, architect, or work with a crew, this is especially for you! If you’re not, you can still learn a lot about partnering with others in your field and out. 


Interviewer is Jan Triplett, CEO of the Business Success Center, host of the First Looks Mentoring Program in Austin and former KUT radio nationally syndicated program host. This is part of the BSC B2B Meetup group but you don’t have to be a member to attend.




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