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Katie Amber CPP

Katie Amber is a Certified Professional Photographer, Austin Photographer of the Year 2014 & 2016 and award-winning photographer located in Austin, Texas. As a mother of three, newborn photographer, maternity photographer, family photographer, and event photographer, Katie has struggled to create balance for her business and her life. She is also an artist, vocalist, life, business and fitness coach, and business owner. Balancing a family and three businesses can be a big challenge, and Katie has searched for years to find that balance. Join her on her blog as she shares tips, tricks and secrets to running a successful photography business… and life.

Katie opened her event photography business, Get The Picture, in 1999. Get The Picture was awarded Rookie of the Year within a few months of opening. In 2005, Get The Picture was also awarded the Small Business Award for Excellence in Innovation by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Katie earned her photography certification in 2011. And, she will earn her Masters of Photography & Photographic Craftsman Degrees in January of 2018. These awards will be presented to her at the Professional Photographers Associations’s Imaging USA.

In 2012, Katie opened her portrait business, specializing in newborn photography, maternity photography, and family photography. Katie is also a photographic painter. She creates one of a kind painted portraits designed to capture and preserve an individual or family’s personalities and love for each other. These archival, handcrafted portrait works of art become treasured heirlooms for families for generations.

Event Photography Company: Get The Picture

Newborn, Maternity & Family Portrait Studio: Katie Amber Photography

Recent Award-Winning Images

newborn photography Austin, Image by Katie Amber CPP

General Collection IPC 2017, Image by Katie Amber CPP

newborn twins photography, Image by Katie Amber CPP

General Collection IPC 2017, Image by Katie Amber CPP

newborn photography painting, Image by Katie Amber CPP

Judge’s Choice APPA 2017, Image by Katie Amber CPP

newborn photography Austin, Image by Katie Amber CPP

General Collection IPC 2017, Best In Show APPA 2017, 1st Place Portrait APPA 2017, TPPA Merit Image 2017, Image by Katie Amber CPP

newborn photography, Image by Katie Amber CPP

General Collection IPC 2016, Image by Katie Amber CPP

newborn photography 2016, Image by Katie Amber CPP

IPC Loan Collection 2017, General Collection 2016, 2nd Place Portrait APPA 2016, Best in Show APPA 2016, Image by Katie Amber CPP

maternity photography Austin, Image by Katie Amber CPP

1st Place Portrait APPA 2016, Best in Show APPA 2016, IPC General Collection 2016, Image by Katie Amber CPP



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  2. redstuffdan says:

    Bonjour Kate

    Wow this photography business is far more complicated than l thought. As you can see from my blog l really love taking pictures but it was only this last week when somebody asked me how much my photos cost did l thing about the commercial possibilities. I researched some stuff on the net and see that starting locally with small exhibitions of my work could be a way forward. However, being engaged in displaying stuff to a disinterested public in the forlorn hope that some nice person will dig deep to have one of my framed pictures on their wall fills me full of depressed ambivalence. So l will work my way through your interesting videos (and wardrobe) in the hope of picking up some positive and valuable advice.



    • Dan,

      It’s true… the photography business can be complicated. It can also be incredibly rewarding. But you do really have to want it, so that you don’t give up when the challenges arise. I encourage you to keep moving forward… small steps are all that’s necessary to move you in the right direction.

      Thanks for the wardrobe comment. You made me smile! 🙂

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    • I think in this day and age we all do more than we really should. I know I am not even capable of doing everything that I try to do, but heck… I do love this adventure called LIFE!

      • Paula says:

        me too! i think americans are the worse at relaxing and push and push. we are taught to do this at a very early age. relaxing is for kids and adults, work, work, work. 🙂

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    Keep up the good work.

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